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Marriage spiritually means the union of two hearts! But sometimes it doesn’t accordingly as a couple have to face some ups and downs in life. That’s nothing to be worry about as these are part of life. However, if you leading a miserable married life, then you need to take it seriously as it can turn into stress, depression and might ruin your life.

Find the solution: Yes, the first solution of it is to find out the reason of unhappy married life. Try to sort it out as soon as possible. But, when you are not able to dig the right reason of dispute, then it could be astrological reason.

Sometimes, fight between couple happen without any serious reason or even no reason and that turns into serious condition. It happens due to the weak position of the planet,” say Best Indian Astrologer in New York, Dr. Sharma.

Experts say most of the split or you can say divorce happen for small reasons. It can be ego, self-esteem or just for liking and disliking. They also say that most them who separated remarry within five years. That simply means you need to take care of your planet and when it comes to get things right, Indian Astrologer in New York can be a right help.

Astrology means amending all your disturbed planet to the right place and your problems will sorted in no time.

Besides, you can also try some tips given by expert to keep your relationship live and happy.


Do you share your accomplishment with your wife first?

If you are sharing your achievements or anything first with your wife, then it can be bothersome as she definitely wants to know about you everything right before anyone else know. So, do care and let her feel special and it will definitely turn out something good for you and your relationship.


Do conversation:

Mostly, couple stops taking to each other when they fight. Well, for some hours it is OK, but go for a long. Do talk even if you want to complain do right on time and make her believe that how much you care about her.

Last but not the least; don’t wait for too long if there is any differences between you and your partner. Consult Best Astrologer in New York to solve the issue. In case, if you can’t meet them personally, then you can contact them face or through phone calls and get the solution right here.

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